Have you ever picked up a men’s magazine, paged through it, and felt there was nothing you could actually relate to? You might have seen articles about Hitting it off with 6 eager women, or How to roast a whole pig. Is this really what being a man is all about? Should we grunt like a neanderthals when we read stuff like that?

That’s not my idea of masculinity.

I wanted a magazine that celebrates good, compassionate men. One that recognizes the importance of kindness and empathy; that shines a light on men who are doing good in our world. I wanted a magazine that challenged our culture’s narrow, juvenile definition of masculinity, but also gave me actionable advice on health, exercise, and relationships, too.

So I created one.

Compassionate Man is a magazine that does for compassion what GQ does for fashion.

In addition to inspiring interviews with compassionate men and articles to help us become better men, the magazine also features extraordinary women who are helping create a kinder world. The monthly publication is available digitally through iTunes and Google Play.

If you’ve felt out of step with our culture’s idea of masculinity, then this magazine is for you. Be inspired to let your best side shine through.

The world needs more men like you.

Read more about our first issue here.

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Nick Coughlin

Nick Coughlin is the founder and publisher of Compassionate Man. He lives in South Minneapolis with his two dogs, Onyx and Boli. You can reach him by emailing nick@compassionateman.com


  • I want to get the magazine but the app is only available in the Google play store and those apps do not work on my kindle. Do you have any other means of getting the magazine?

    • We’ve actually been receiving a lot of similar comments and questions, and I appreciate you reaching out.

      Right now our magazine is only available through iTunes and Google Play. We chose a platform that made sense financially to begin with. Our ultimate goal is to publish a hardcopy magazine, but that just wasn’t feasible at the outset given logistical and financial limitations.

      If we’re able to grow the publication successfully, we feel we’ll be better positioned to attract the right kind of investors to make a hardcopy magazine possible.

      In the meantime, the app is only available on those two platforms.

      Thank you so much for your interest! I hope you can find a way to subscribe and stay engaged.

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