Baby Step Activism; How Little Conversations Can Help the World

February 24, 2016By Kathy CoughlinActivism, Overcoming Fear

Speaking up in the face of adversity can be downright scary at times. Even so, we should never shy away from standing up for vulnerable beings in our world, even if others think our subject is insignificant, or if we’re afraid our audience is too small. Finding opportunity in everyday situations What do Girl Scout cookies have … Read More

Are You Preaching Compassion, But Acting Like a Jerk?

December 18, 2015By Nick CoughlinActivism, Self Improvement

Nick Coughlin

Nick Coughlin is the founder and publisher of Compassionate Man. He lives in South Minneapolis with his two dogs, Onyx and Boli. You can reach him by emailing

Shortly after I went vegan for ethical reasons in 2003, I was consumed with a burning passion to share what I had learned about the meat, dairy, and egg industries with the rest of the world. After all, I had only recently seen the undercover videos that exposed some of the most barbaric torture and … Read More