The World’s Boldest, Baddest Butcher Shop

April 25, 2017By Nick CoughlinFood

It’s before noon in late April, and a heavy rain blankets my Jeep as I dodge potholes en route to my destination in northeast Minneapolis. The radio cuts away to the national news, and I hear of a death reported earlier that morning at Paisley Park, the iconic home, club, and recording studio of Minnesota’s … Read More

Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Economy

March 31, 2017By Nick CoughlinCompassionate Men

At a Hollywood hotel in 1964, a twenty one year old man named Bobby Fischer played 50 opponents simultaneously in chess. Of those 50 games, he won 47, lost 1, and drew 2. Half a century later, from his central command post as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Humane Society of the United … Read More

Range-Free: A Plant-Based Burger for the Committed Carnivore

March 20, 2017By Nick CoughlinFood

As the creator of Compassionate Man, I pay attention to the messages targeted toward men on a regular basis. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear the toughest, most manly man tell us, “Arby’s…we have the meats!” Burger King reminds men not to settle for “chick food,” whatever that is. Burgers are more fitting for … Read More

Redefining Masculinity, One Sanctuary at a Time

December 14, 2016By Nick CoughlinCompassionate Men

If there’s one man who has inspired a new generation of compassionate people to dedicate their lives to the overwhelming task of protecting farm animals, the most commodified and brutalized beings on the planet, it’s Gene Baur. Since cofounding Farm Sanctuary in Wilmington, Delaware nearly thirty years ago, hundreds of similar sanctuaries have cropped up … Read More

Tiptoeing onto Hallowed Ground

December 11, 2016By Kathy CoughlinLife & Death, Relationships

It was an honor, ten years ago, to be asked by my daughter to be present in the operating room as she gave birth by emergency C-section. The eventual emergence of a healthy, wriggling baby girl, my first grandchild, flooded my every pore with relief and joy. Last month, I was just as honored to … Read More

Pursuing Your Life’s Work Requires…Work

June 24, 2016By Michael HowieSelf Improvement

I’m a pretty good writer. I’ve made two versions of my career on that – first as a hard news guy at a newspaper for a decade, then as the fact-based blogger and podcaster for a non-profit. Freelance and contract work slid in between, and sometimes during, those two major paths. I’ve won over a … Read More