Compassionate Man is a digital magazine delivered directly to your mobile or tablet device each month. Each issue contains inspirational stories about some of the best men on the planet along with actionable advice for good men who want to become better.

No matter where you are in life, we’ll give you tips, tools, and inspiration to take concrete steps toward becoming a more compassionate man, and living the life of your dreams. 


We want to inspire you in a big way. To ignite the passion you have inside for living a rich and compassionate life. To take control of your life and use it to spread good in the world.

We’re here to support men who don’t feel aligned with society’s warped, macho view of masculinity. It can be hard to stand up to the pressure our culture places on men to act a certain way. But we should never shy away from doing what’s right. We should never shy away from standing up for the vulnerable beings in our world.

Compassionate Man is here with you to forge a new path and to redefine masculinity as a community of good men and good women.

Compassionate Man issue 1 on an iPad


Nick Coughlin long felt there were no men’s magazines that he could actually relate to. Most of them serve up a juvenile, shallow version of masculinity, and they actually poke fun of anything that doesn’t fit the whole macho narrative.

He wanted to read less about “How to Grill a Whole Baby Pig” (how is grilling a baby animal manly, again?), and more about good men who are helping pigs, or just generally making the world a kinder place. He wasn’t interested in the playbook to “Hit It Off with 6 Eager Women.” He wanted to learn how to cultivate a rich relationship with one good woman.

So, he created Compassionate Man as a way to learn tangible life skills from the best, most inspiring men in the world.

This magazine is as much for him as it is for you.