Popular culture glamorizes macho, meat-grilling, over-sexed men. We’re so busy strutting around like peacocks that we seldom stop to consider; Is this really what being a man is all about?

The hyper-masculine narrative we’ve known from the day we were born taught us not to value what culture has feminized; caring for others, relationships, empathy, compassion... but what if those “feminine” characteristics are actually essential qualities that work in tandem with the more traditional masculine traits to form the building blocks of a good, complete man?

They are.

Compassionate Man is a monthly digital magazine that celebrates men who challenge the simplified caricature of masculinity that our culture promotes. We feature guys who are out there making the world a better place; who are genuinely good men; who are working to protect the most vulnerable beings on our planet.

If you’ve felt out of step with our culture’s idea of masculinity, then this magazine is for you. Be inspired to let your best side shine through.

The world needs more men like you.



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The World’s Boldest, Baddest Butcher Shop

The World’s Boldest, Baddest Butcher Shop

April 25, 2017

It’s before noon in late April, and a heavy rain blankets my Jeep as I dodge potholes en route to my destination in northeast Minneapolis. The radio cuts away to the national news, and I hear of a death reported earlier that morning at Paisley Park, the iconic home, club, and recording studio of Minnesota’s … Read More

Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Economy

Wayne Pacelle and The Humane Economy

March 31, 2017

At a Hollywood hotel in 1964, a twenty one year old man named Bobby Fischer played 50 opponents simultaneously in chess. Of those 50 games, he won 47, lost 1, and drew 2. Half a century later, from his central command post as the President and Chief Executive Officer of The Humane Society of the United … Read More

Range-Free: A Plant-Based Burger for the Committed Carnivore

Range-Free: A Plant-Based Burger for the Committed Carnivore

March 20, 2017

As the creator of Compassionate Man, I pay attention to the messages targeted toward men on a regular basis. Turn on the TV and you’ll hear the toughest, most manly man tell us, “Arby’s…we have the meats!” Burger King reminds men not to settle for “chick food,” whatever that is. Burgers are more fitting for … Read More